From Hod’s Desk….

“Place for everything and everything in its place” can be the most precise definition of ‘Interior Design’. The profession that is a perfect blend of right and left brain though the right having an edge over left. JRVGTI is the pioneering Institute to start with autonomous course in Interior Design and bestowing the “Status of Profession” to the interior designers since 1986. The ONLY COURSE which shaped more than 2000 professional interior designers till now, the ONLY COURSE which has 240 intake for FIRST year , 160 for SECOND year, the ONLY course to start with one of its kind Event named “ELEVATION”, the ONLY COURSE admitting students on first come first served basis and not on the basis, the ONLY COURSE amalgamating discipline and decorum, methodology and creativity, deadlines and freedom, schedules and flexibility, do’s and don’ts, skills and vision and so on.
Learning at JRVGTI IDD is always an exclusive experience because JRVGTI IDD gives the most up-to-date and the best in the profession. We assure our students the Best Academic Inputs, Seminars, Exhibitions, Guest Sessions, Site Visits, Industrial Tour, ‘Elevation’, Competitions, Interaction with Professionals, and many more.
JRGTI’s IDD department feels proud about its alumni many of whom have earned name and fame not only in Pune but also in other districts and states of our country. We appeal to all our students of
IDD to make a mark in the profession, guide the novices of the Institute, and make sure that “JRVGTI
IDD” is a renowned, remarkable and reckonable “Brand”.


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Two Year Diploma
07.30am to 10.30am
11.00am to 02.00pm
02.30pm to 05.30pm (Six days a week)
Commencement - 09th July 2018
Admission on- Fridayday,15th June 2018