From HoD’s desk…  In the prevailing era of globalization India is emerging as a major power not only in the region but also at the global level. The unipolar world order of the present times is gradually shifting towards a polycentric one. India due to its geographic location and vast resource- both human and material- has a huge potential to play a major role in the world trade and economy. In the given multi national environment, India would have huge opportunities in every conceivable field. India also has a very large pool of manpower with younger age profile. However , while Indian youth are rich in any analytical and technical skills, they lack the desired exposure to operate/ function in a multi disciplinary and multinational environment/ set up. There is therefore an urgent need to give them an overview and an exposure on ‘Geopolitics and International Relations’ and ‘National Security’ to develop their overall awareness to face the new challenges as a global citizen.
Much of the suffering of our nation for the past several centuries in general and the post-independence era in particular, is on account of lack of strategic culture and nationalism . To comprehend “National Security,” it is necessary to understand aspects of Geopolitics , Geo—Economics and Geo-Strategy in broad terms. .
National Security, today involves not only defence but every conceivable field across the board and hence every citizen ought to understand the basic concepts for a strong and stable nation- state. Similarly broad background knowledge of ‘Geo-Politics International Relations’ is considered necessary to operate in the new multi-national environment of this interdependent world. An overview on country’s defence preparedness and foreign policy are issues of vital importance, which are greatly influenced and impacted upon by the dynamic and ever-changing international environment.
Advent of Globalisation has put immense pressure on domestic market economy and has posed new challenges on Trade and Economic fronts. In order to operate in such competitive multi- national environment, there is a indeed a need to understand ‘Development Economics’ in broad terms. Moreover , knowledge of ‘Current-Affairs’ in national, regional and global context, too, is essential to operate in this interdependent world.
This course in ‘Geo-Politics and International Relations’ is thus designed to include all the aforementioned topics with an aim to prepare young (under) graduates, leaders, managers and entrepreneurs, to understand the system and face the challenges of the new paradigm.

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One Year Diploma Course
Eligibility - S.S.C (Std.X)
Timing - 06.00 pm to 7.45Pm
Fee: Rs. 16240/-
Commencement Date: 1st August 2017