Diploma Course in Gemmology & Diamond Grading

From HoD’s desk… Gemmology is the scientific study of gemstones… the course focuses on all precious and semi precious gems right from their origin to their beauty as a cut polished Gem. Updated testing techniques are covered for all gems enabling the student to successfully identify each gem with confidence. Diamond grading is also covered throughly on the basis of 4 C’s as per international standards.. a study trip help students to actually experience the practicality of the trade.
The field of Gemmology opens up different avenues for full fledged careers in Labs, jewellery industry or to establish independent businesses… taking it up just as a hobby for the love of gems is also an option.
Gemstones have been known and worked upon since thousands of yeas Experts gem identification was, however, neither needed nor possible up to the beginning of 20th century as the process of synthesis of gemstones was not sufficiently developed. Since the introduction of synthetic gems, plastic and glass imitations in the market, the gem dealers and customers today need to know much more about the properties of gems so as to distinguish one from another.
‘Gemology and Diamond Grading’ deals with the scientific testing of gem stones from the view point of the gem dealer, customer, as well as those taking gemology and diamond grading as a hobby. It is being conducted to introduce the comparatively new subject to the common man. The course also includes guest lectures by experts in the trade and industry.

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One Year Diploma Course
Eligibility - S.S.C (Std.X)
Timing - 2.00pm to 4.00pm (Mon-Fri)
Fee: RS. 36790/-
Commecement Date: 24th July 2017
Venue - BMCC Extension Center