It is a great pleasure for me to present to the students project book/ prospectus……….!
Since three decades DES’s JRVGTI has been a well recognized pioneer institute of Design Courses. JRVGTI is a center of excellence and has tried its best to make the students excel in the field of design and other skills.
Today we are witnessing an immense talent particularly in the youth who are getting attracted towards the field of design. This is in striking contrast to the situation at the turn of the last century. For over half a century the field of talent and ambition was doctors, engineers, lawyers, officers. The parents also wanted to keep their child away from world of innovation but now everybody in the society has started understanding the worth of design.
In-spite the known mindset of people regarding the career in design, Deccan Education Society established this institution, the only place where one can get guidance for what to do and how to do from time to time to make their dream come true.
We are embarking on a journey in the coming years. Making together, we all must become part of creating a new “Designers” for this new century, a century with challenges in various fields and only through the cooperation of design, art and Aesthetics we can develop the creative solutions that will bring a brighter future.
Till date JRVGTI have always fulfilled its promises of making its students’ future bright  by providing them with skills. We invite everybody to come and be a part of  JRVGTI Team, get the best quality education and emerge as a top level versatile designer.