Two prominent characteristics of today’s society are  change and competition along with the rapid technological development & economic growth, the demand for specialised skills has gone up to a great extent. The new fields have generated job opportunities on an unprecedented scale. Most of these jobs call for some specialised training and knowledge. Self employment   has generated number of opportunities to skilled persons and this number is increasing day by day due to diverse needs of the society. Thus, jobs are available to those who have acquired some specialised, useful knowledge, skills and training.

The Deccan Education Society in a pioneer and leading light in the education started JRVGTI in the year 1987(when Fergusson College had celebrated the centenary of its inception) to impart skills to the needy students.

  • What will you get from the Institute?

The very fact that you are reading these lines indicates your desire to acquire useful skills and update your knowledge. The Institute will provide you opportunity of

  • Learning under guidance of professional experts,
  • Carrying out useful practical exercise,
  • Extending your intellectual reach through discussions, seminars and field visits.
  • Exploring your innovative ideas.